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Joe Lam - Graduate of Design, and later joined the magazine publishing industry, from a graphic designer to an art director. In 2012, she started to commit as a full-time illustrator and set up her own brand “Everyday is chill out day!” with her own designed handmade jewelry. Her illustrations and works have been seen in Jessica, Elle, Cosmopolitan, ZIP, Marie Clarie, Ming Pao Magazine , Metropop and other magazines. In April 2015, she opened his first solo exhibition in the Running Horse Lantern.

Joe believes that in the age of “where one is all”, women must embrace their unique soul and personality, only by that they can win the attention of the world with striking impression. Joe, who has always been loyal to painting women, is good at bringing out the unique temperament of women with her delicate sense of design and fashion, and the mix and match of colorful makeup and accessories in the drawings. Her painting style is bold and casual, in an unrestrained flow of comfort and ease, abstract and aesthetic, which has the power to fascinate people at first glance. The beauty of women is fully revealed in her works. Her works are particularly remarkable for showing the new generation of feminism.


With "Everyday is chill out day", Joe hopes to remind everyone to live easy, casual, carefree, and be loyal to themselves! No matter what nationality or race, women should live out themselves bravely and boldly to show their unique beauty for everyone else in the world to appreciate and respect!

This project, if can be sold successfully

Dedicate to the production of a digital magazine, showing and sharing with women how to make use of bold and colorful make-up to show the beauty of unique personality at different occasions and of different nationalities.


Joe Lam

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